Friday, September 26, 2014

What's happening in 6th grade art class?

Painting the monochromatic background of Symbolic Self-Portrait project.
Painting the monochromatic background of Symbolic Self-Portrait project.
Tracing, cutting out, and pasting silouhettes to project.
Tracing, cutting out, and pasting silouhettes to project.
Finish early:
Presidential Portrait Grid drawing --exercise in shading and creating a high range of value with pencil
Artist Journal Warm-up Quiz
Answering the following prompt using RACE strategy?
What does this painting tell us about the artist? How did the artist use elements of art to describe him/herself?

Introduce Self Portraits by looking at the history of self-portraits
Analyze one famous self-portrait using RACE strategy together.
Explain requirements for Symbolic Self-Portrait
To prep for Symbolic Self-Portrait project, students will begin sketching symbols that represent them.
(i.e. megaphone, paintbrush, book, football, headphones, music notes, their home state, etc.)
They'll choose 3-4 symbols to draw larger, cut out, and use as stencils for the background of their project.
Cut out symbols to & trace symbols onto background
 Learn + practice painting techniques
Complete a monochromatic painting/paint mixing exercise.
Begin painting backgrounds using a monochromatic color scheme.

Students will complete their still life mixed media projects this week!

9/2 - 9/5
Students will complete their space drawing projects from last week. They'll complete a short writing exercise to be turned in with their projects. We'll begin our still life mixed media project by the end of the week

Students will finish their Charley Harper bird projects & begin a unit on form drawing. Students will learn correct techniques for creating realistic form and begin an outerspace drawing.

We'll learn about famous artist Charley Harper and how to draw birds inspired by his style. Students will then start a project featuring a Charley Harper inspired bird filled with zentangle designs.

We'll begin our first art project by taking a look at zentangle designs & practicing our own creative zentangles. Students will trace hands and creatively zentangle each hand using a variety of designs, shapes, and lines.

8/4 -- 8/8
Welcome to 6th grade Visual Arts!
We'll take a look at our semester syllabus, go over basic art class rules & procedures, and discuss grading policies and requirements. We'll spend a few days learning about Elements of Art, Principles of Design & how to analyze art pieces. Expect your first quiz on Friday!

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