Friday, September 26, 2014

What's happening in 8th grade art class?

Complete watercolor tile paintings!
Analyzing watercolor tile painting using RACE strategy
Glazing Technique & Painting Techniques for clay
Glazing and/or painting clay projects.
 Glazing and/or painting clay projects.
Intro to Chuck Close // life, techniques, famous pieces
 Have students analyze a Chuck Close piece using RACE strategy
Introduce drawing using correct facial proportions to prep for Chuck Close inspired paintings.
Chuck Close background with dot painting portrait- I love the contrast of black and white with the color background
Students will begin a new project using watercolor techniques and radial balance. They'll create a colorful, shape-based painting with rhythm and pattern.
9/2 - 9/5
Students will complete clay projects & begin a new unit project using watercolors. Students will experiment with wax resist & wet-on-wet watercolor techniques. They will create a series of underwater fish painting using those techniques.
Students will finish up double pinch pots & begin a new project using a combination of additive techniques & carving techniques.
Students will create their own "kiln kritter" -- which can be a person, animal, or mythical creature. They'll problem solve to figure out which techniques will work best & be the most durable with clay.

Students will use pinch pot techniques to create a double pinch pot. They'll have to use additive techniques in clay building to create designs on the side of their piece.
This week we'll learn rules and procedures for working with clay. We'll look at the history of pottery used by Native Americans in Georgia. We'll even begin our first clay building projects pinch pots & slab plates!
8/4 -- 8/8
Welcome to 8th grade Visual Arts!
We'll take a look at our semester syllabus, go over basic art class rules & procedures, and discuss grading policies and requirements. We'll spend a few days learning about Elements of Art, Principles of Design & how to analyze art pieces. Expect your first quiz on Friday!